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Swansea believes that consulting engagements should be “win-win” experiences and that a key factor is ensuring that only high quality resources with a good fit with the technical environment, the required responsibilities and the business environment be submitted by Swansea to it’s client community.

To ensure the success of its consulting engagements, our quality assurance process for proposing resources includes the following strategies.

First, Swansea goes to great lengths to ensure the quality of all its consultants. This includes the following:

  • Based on its proven formula for success, Swansea recruits consulting resources exclusively on the basis of strong personal referrals from other Swansea consulting associates.
  • All our consulting associates are independent contractors. To continue to attract the very best consultants in the marketplace, Swansea operates in a manner that independent consultants strongly prefer. This includes, for example, payment of high rates and bonuses that are substantially higher than the market average.
  • All consultants go through a rigorous screening process that requires, among other things, strong personal recommendations.
  • All consultants are screened by Martin Orsini, Swansea’s senior partner. Mr. Orsini has extensive experience in consulting and has current technical knowledge (especially MVS mainframe).

Second, Swansea has access to a large enough pool of consultants to ensure our ability to offer clients a choice of high quality resources for all engagements. Swansea has approximately 1,200 consultant “contacts” which includes approximately 400 consulting associates (with which Swansea has a close, ongoing relationship and who are contacted frequently). Our business model permits us to provide up to 60 consultants at any point in time.

Third, Swansea has a highly effective process for identifying the ideal consultants for an assignment. For all assignments, the consultants to be proposed are selected by Martin Orsini. Consultants are proposed based on Swansea’s knowledge of:

  • The consultants available for the assignment.
  • The technical environment and the specific technical skills and experience required.
  • The clients and the business environment.

Two of the factors that are responsible for the quality of our selection process are:

  • The selection of consultants for assignments is made by a principal in the business who has a major stake in the success of each consulting engagement and maintaining ongoing relationships with Swansea clients.
  • The selection is made by someone who is closely involved in the delivery of services by Swansea. This makes it possible to monitor the success of the selection process and build in continuous improvement.


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