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A broad range of information technology services and solutions

Swansea Computer Specialist's Corp. can provide your organization with a wide range of information technology services and solutions including:

  • Professional services: A full range of services for almost every technical environments (More...)

  • Quality assurance/testing: Implementation, management and deployment (More...)

  • Mainframe training and other strategies for coping with skill shortages: Swansea can help you continue to deliver business-critical mainframe services in the face of growing skill shortages (More...)

  • Mainframe ISPF: We can help you dramatically enhance your approach to PC-based development and maintenance of MVS applications (More...)

  • Mainframe IMS: “Many IMS Test Regions ... One Physical Test Region” — we can help you maximize the benefits from your mainframe investment

  • Mainframe Telon: Our automated conversion processes can help you eliminate the cost of Telon licences

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