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Swansea's mainframe training services

Let Swansea help you develop your internal mainframe resources

Swansea mainframe training for your existing employees can be an attractive solution for:

  • Coping with the shortage of mainframe skills

  • Providing opportunities for underemployed or redundant staff

  • Providing new career path

Even short courses can be effective. For example, 40 hours of training can make it possible for someone to make minor changes to applications such as modifying, running and generating a revised report.

Our courses are taught by experienced professionals that students trust. This greatly increases students′ to “jump in” and become productive quickly.

The mainframe concepts covered in a typical course include:

  • The compile/link/run process

  • Testing and debugging

  • Working with libraries, e.g., source, copylib, parm, link data, load and report

  • COBOL and/or PL/I language training

  • TSO/ISPF source editing and development tools such as File-Aid and Expediter

  • In some cases, IMS/DB2 database, CICS, and/or multi-module programs

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